Video Monitoring
Through seamless integration with our monitoring platform, OzVision allows you and your customers the ability to receive instant video e-mail, whether it be a child returning from school, the housekeeper on duty or an unwanted intruder.

Internet Monitoring
Signal Transmission has climbed the next plateau. Whether you prefer AlarmNet, Radionics, DMP, DSC or Napco interfaces, Affiliated’s broadband receiving equipment is ready for the expanded services your customers will demand.

Medical Alert/Monitoring

Two-Way Voice
Handsfree voice communication instantly connects our dispatcher to your customer following the transmission of alarm signals.

Wireless Communication
Transmit signals using celemetry technology and long-range radio. Offer your customer the peace of mind of redundant transmissions and phone line security. We are partnered with all major wireless networks.

Digital Communication
Transmit signals using any of the major formats, like 4×2, SIA, Radionics, Contact ID and more. Enjoy the freedom of using your desired equipment rather than being confined by the limits of your monitoring center.

GPS Asset Tracking