Our operators are your operators. We make sure they meet the highest standards.

Allied Central operators are required to not only pass a full background check but also to be SIA Certified. In ordered to become certified, operators must pass the rigorous Central Station Operators Course provided by the Security Industry Association (SIA), an independent organization that promotes professional, standardized training for those who handle the processing of alarms.

The Central Station Operator Course is designed for new alarm monitoring personnel to provide a general overview of the alarm industry and to also provide specific skill and knowledge training as applicable to the company for which the operator works. The course is taught by SIA-Certified Central Station Instructors. Each Operator is tested at the end of the course and must score at least 70% before working as an Operator.

Our training supervisor personally oversees every aspect of operator training, from the simple telephone courtesy to the most complicated monitoring procedures.

Each newly-hired operator serves a 90-day apprenticeship, during which time their work is closely supervised and their progress is measured against the highest standards.  Only after they are able to demonstrate a thorough working knowledge of procedures are the new operators allowed to work under normal supervision.